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4/7/12 4:48 PM
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Ok so i have 5 dogs, 3 jack russells a border terrier and a old Lab, every time they hear a noise or a gate from outside they go fucking mental barking crazy. they are very obidient apart from this , its starting to piss me off and my neibours i think i got collars from amazon that make a high pithced noise this has stopped them a little but dont really want to keep these things on them?

any1 got any tips to help minimize their barking?

4/11/12 4:12 PM
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You'll probably have to look at the source of your problem.

Are they barking because they're bored? Or are they warning you that someone's outside?

Try to use some positive reinforcement methods to deter the barking.

"-Using positive reinforcements for the purpose of reducing the barking. There is a possibility that these dogs are barking as a result of stress and/or anxiety, just to name a few. So when the owners use the punishment method, this may make the dog's barking worse. The positive reinforcement may consists of repetitive exposure in which it will calm down the dog and encouraging him/her to stay quiet. There is also the distraction method, which can be performed through the issuance of treats and praise, among other examples."

Try this article - http://www.petlifestores.com/experts/behavior-solutions-barking.html

6/4/12 8:23 PM
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I live in an apartment and my dog felt the need to bark at anyone he heard/smelled outside the door. Getting him in trouble never worked because he continued on even when he knew he was gonna get punished.

Re-direct his attention and use positive reinforcement when something triggers him. I always keep treats handy by the door to reward good behaviour when i here someone outside. Pain in the ass but it has worked for me. He still does it sometimes, but like above, i think its because of anxiousness.

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