Roidz Rule -  Vermonter, thanks for your reply. I am currently working on correcting leptin and gherelin as directed by one of Lyle McDonald's protocols. I will post how it works out.

Would you recommend a carnitine supplement? If so, which one?

Thanks Phone Post

Supplementing with carnitine certainly couldn't hurt, although be warned that it puts forum member hertswenip into a roid rage-like state and he beats his gf and punches strangers by his own admission. Outside of that, there is only a potential benefit and little cost besides financial into giving it a shot.

It can be obtained fairly cheaply in a cap, and you may want to take 500mg to a gram a day. Twinlab makes a liquid that has always worked for me too, but is more expensive than the cap versions. I usually just get the most cost effective brand that doesn't seem sketchy. I'm not sure there's a big quality difference with carnitine as there is with some other supps.