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New Jersey Underground >> Affordable training facility North Jersey/NYC area

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5/2/12 12:03 AM
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Eddy Rolon
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 With many people who love combat sports living on reduced incomes from job loss or under employment, new additions to the family or the other things that change financial priorities.  Sometimes you just want to roll, spar striking/mma,or just use a mat or cage or ring.

A mat, cage or ring ?



It even has a mobile site. Both sites are low rent as you can understand because these prices are INSANE and low. Did I mention low? how about $28. 

Check out the phone number  -  201-470-4MMA. The voice message is like a bad infomercial without the cool voice.

 I'd love to answer any questions about this here thing,  in my oh so _____________ (fill in an appropriate adjective) way.  Ask them here. On your post, that will appear below this post sequentially and chronologically in an orderly fashion. This is the kind of idea that could make a HUNDREDAIRE or even a THOUSANDAIRE out of a guy who has been involved in this many facets of MMA and combat sports since Jan 5th 1998.

I’m making a big deal out of rebranding my existing OPENMAT policies. I decided to wait over a decade to let the world know about it.  I’ve stayed as far from the politics as I can so all are welcome to work out here.

Don’t ask any questions about www.Daddyandmeboxing.com yet. It is not quite ready for the scrutiny. Never typed the word scrutiny before; got it right too. Today is a great day!

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