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5/23/12 4:47 PM
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I'm an avid conspiracy board visitor and one of the members gave me the formula to making GOLD, this is what he sent me:

here is the online formula:>Wear rubber gloves and Gas Mask when working with this Formula to protect yourself from Mercury Poisoning.>

1/4 OZ Silver Shavings 99.9% pure.

3 OZ Sulfur Powder Pharmaceutical grade.

10 OZ Cinnabar (also known as a mineral, Mercuric Sulfide, Hgs) - powder it, or 1 OZ Mercury with no traces of Gold .

1 Quartz Geode.

4 12 Volt Car Batteries.

2 Lead Copper Electrodes.

Place all shavings and powder into Quartz Geode.

Connect Car Batteries to equal 48 Volts at 3 Amps per minute.

Place Leads into powder in Quartz Geode wait 25 minutes.

Produces 1.75 OZ of Gold.

Don't get greedy, do this exactly as stated above, larger amounts at one time will produce Radioactive Gold.
You can repeat the procedure to make more Gold.this is the 1944 oscar schneider letter that phil found in his fathers closet when his father passed. his father got the letter from army intelligence when he worked for the army with very high clearances to investigate claims like this. some nobody amateur scientist sent the government this letter and the scientist backed up his claims in the letter by showing the army wing of the government that it works. of course,  he realized he discovered something he wasn't supposed to discover and he was told to never make it again and forget about telling others about it or bad things would happen to him.  thats the end of that. lol.a smart person will be able to work through this incomplete stepped formula and get it to work with trial and error. oh what the hell,  i'll give you some hints.  the geode has to be whole and uncracked.  if your working with a cathedral type geode, crack the very top off so you can perfectly fit it back on and off.  if your working with a round type geode, drill a hole 1/2in. to 3/4in. in top.   for both types, you drill two holes in the bottom for the electrodes, 2 in. apart.  now here is the well guarded electrode secret to making the formula work. if you read the "2 lead copper electrodes", this can mean alot. here's where trial and error comes into play. some say all lead(pb) electrodes, some say all copper electrodes, and no one says the true answer. its a combo of both. but not a metal mixture. but a certain thickness of coating of one metal on top of the other.  i'll give you a huge hint:  you know the thickness of the coating put on welding rod metal? the white powder coating? thats how thick the coating has to be. here's another huge hint: use a welding contact tip. they are pure copper. then coat with lead(pb) to the above thickness example.  well, the rest is pretty much easy. a little thinking and you can make it work.  and one more thing, humidity may or may not have a factor in making the formula work. a small shed in the backyard and a humidifier? oh and if you use cheap geodes, THEY CAN AND WILL VIOLENTLY EXPLODE!  crystals do have 'power'. its just the idiots going around wearing crystals and being wierdos don't have a clue how to use its power. oh and your probably wondering what the gold looks like when its done. it will look like a button shape. or a few button(like your clothes) shaped pieces. most is dross. and you can shake the crap out of it and repeat. that is until your geode blows up or cracks. then you got to get another one. lol
there, lol, now you know the biggest hebrew secret that the banking cartel jews know. they figured out how to make gold even before moses time in the bible.  they don't historically call jews, the money lenders, goldsmiths, bankers, and alchemists for nothing. and all that sheep garbage symbology nonsense has nothing to do with the actual gold making process. a trained retard can make it work. the wierd language is there for the alchemist to decipher and learn slowly over a long period of  time so they become 'responsibe' with this gold making knowledge. in other words, so they don't rock the boat so to speak and screw up the money game. so if you manage to get this to work, then don't tell a soul.  keep it to yourself and make it once a month or maybe twice. lol.  cash for gold places are bonkers for gold right now. just tell them you are a prospector or something. get your cash and don't be an idiot about buying flashy nigger bling. save it for necessities. so you can have a home, a warm bed, a girl,(never tell the girl!!!) and do nothing for the rest of your life. thats what i like to do. nothing. lol. eat. walk around. life is really good when money isn't a problem.

don't respond to this.  just take the info and do what you will with it.  oh yeah and make sure the electrodes are completely buried under the mixture. and use a fine file for the silver shavings. and don't kill yourself. one amp will do it.
5/23/12 4:49 PM
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Edited: 05/23/12 4:49 PM
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  forgot to tell you a very important part about gold formula. here is a map. look for where you live and make sure the area is blue and in the negative. otherwise, the formula will never work if you live and try it in a positive area. look at the colored bar to see what area you live in. i don't want you to think i made it all up if you try it in a positive area and it doesn't work.

7/11/12 9:29 AM
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sounds like a good way to die
10/6/12 5:29 AM
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If this actually worked, do you really think Gold would be worth anything?

I mean, anyone can do that at home...Think about it.
10/13/12 7:54 AM
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they can already make gold.. but it's far too costly.

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