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6/5/12 6:53 PM
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Roy Harris
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Here's the haps in Canada:
1. I arrived in Calgary on Friday afternoon (June 1st) and taught a semi-private lesson to Harris International Black Belts Brian Bird, Sheila Bird and Rich Martens. It was a great time going over "Black Belt Only" technique ;-)
After our lesson, we tried to go see a movie Friday evening but the line was out the door and all the way around the corner. So, we gave up on going to see the 11:15pm showing.
Off to bed…
2. Saturday morning, I taught a Jiu Jitsu class at Champions Creed (http://www.championscreed.ca/) on guard control when the opponent stands up and tries to pass the guard. I taught the techniques / training methods in four (4) phases - so the student could progress from initially placing someone into the guard to the point where the opponent has already stood up, uncrossed your ankles and is beginning the process of passing the guard. Then, at the end of the training session, we put everything together into various combinations!
Saturday afternoon, I headed out to Glencoe Country Club and got the chance to play golf with the seminar host's parents. Even though my "A" game was nowhere to be found (and my "B" had decided to go on vacation as well), I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The golf course was beautiful and the weather was nice to me!
3. Sunday morning I slept in. Plus I was exhausted from walking the mountainous hills at the Country Club and need some extra beauty sleep ;-) Also, I had "church" in my hotel room on Sunday morning. The prayer (speaking and listening), the music, the sermon and the reading was OFF THE CHARTS!
Sunday afternoon, I taught a class on "beating up the opponent while exiting the clinch range." While this was definitely an unusual class, the attendees seemed to enjoyed the material presented. It was a mixture of Greco, Muay Thai, Panantuken, Kali and my own stuff ;-)
Sunday evening, I climbed into a truck and headed south with the Lethbridge boys. We arrived in fabulous time and I decided to call it a night early. Unfortunately, I could not sleep. I was wide awake until Monday morning 7am….and, I only slept until 10am.
4. Monday at noon, we started our MMA camp at The Canadian Martial Arts Centre (http://canadianmartialartscentre.com/en/) in Lethbridge. Our focus of the training was on "The Secrets of the Guillotine Choke." I showed things I haven't showed before. It was fun to watch some of the guys Ooo and Ahh over the information ;-)  [I can hear some of you saying, "But why haven't you shown this stuff before?" My response, "Because it's new. If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know that my stuff changes every couple of years - because I am always in "testing mode." So, if you haven't trained with me privately in a year or so, you probably haven't seen this stuff :-]
Monday evening, we did a review of the guillotine stuff from the morning, and then added a few more "sneaky" details to it.
Monday night, I slept like a baby!
5. Tuesday morning, I got up feeling refreshed and ready for action! I worked on my computer for a few hours before heading to class.
Today's MMA training focused on "my special mix" of clinch work. First, we did wrestling drills related to the under hook, the two-on-one and arm drag - as well as their counters. Then, we mixed these with the Thai clinch and a high percentage Judo throw. We also talked about how the current level of clinch work in the MMA world is still in its infancy - how so many of today's MMA fighters use the clinch in a very basic / simple / raw manner (i.e. not very advanced [this includes Silva's fight against Franklin]). We ended this morning's training session by putting all of the elements together into the mix with elbows, knees, throws, takedowns and counters. It was fun to watch them train and GET IT. I got some good video footage of this stuff !!!
I'm looking forward to heading back to the gym tonight to continue this theme!
6. At the end of today's lesson, I taught a private lesson to one of the local guys. It was fun watching him absorb the information in his own unique way!
7. When I got back to my hotel room, a couple of the housekeepers were putting their cleaning stations away. One of the ladies was having a difficult time navigating her mobile cleaning station around the floor. She was bumping into the walls and into the doorways. She looked at one of her co-workers, then at me, and embarrassingly said, "Sorry." I replied, "Ma'am, pull over to the right. I'll need to see your driver's license and registration!" My word, you would have thought I ha cracked the funniest joke in the world. Those two women laughed and laughed and laughed. I got a kick out of watching the one girl laugh while the other one continued bumping into the walls in the storage room!
So, that's a glimpse at my weekend - so much more happened!

I look forwrd to finishing this week strong.

Roy Harris

6/11/12 8:17 AM
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 Very cool!

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