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6/5/12 10:37 PM
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Eduardo Ferreira: Since when are you here in LA? Are you staying here until your fight?

Lyoto Machida: Well, I came to stay here for a couple of months, but I’m really liking the training here. It’s pretty intense, there’re many guys helping me out here, like Rafael, Johnson, Werdum, Babalu Sobral, so it’s been great for me. I might stay here until my fight so I can be great when the day comes.

EF:You’re training your technique and not focusing on Bader yet, right?

LM Yeah. We’re on basis trainings, like if I would fight anyone. I’m correcting my Wrestling, improving ground game and also my stand-up. It’s a basic camp for anyone I would fight. I’m waiting for the right moment to intensify my focus training.

EF: Many people criticized your trainings in Belem and you bringing people over to help you. This time you don’t have to bring people close to you because they are all here already. Roger, Werdum, Ta Danado, Rafael dos Anjos, besides the American wrestlers are here. Does it make a big difference?

LM: Well, I think so. I used to train and on the last 25 days I would call the sparring guys who would mimic that fight for me and help me. But not this time. This time I’m having them besides me from the beginning and they put me on a bad situation every time and they’re the bests at their divisions, like Rafael dos Anjos, Werdum. It’s not that I’m undermining people I’ve always trained with because it’s always worked for me, but I guess going for new things is very important too, especially when you’re on a position like I am in my career and you’re going through what I’ve been going through. I guess it’s a good thing for me.

EF: Jon Jones has defeated Rashad and now he’s fighting Dan Henderson. What are your thoughts about it?

LM: I guess from the moment you get in there, you have a chance. But, if you stop to analyze their games, I guess Jon Jones is not a good fight for Henderson because of his bigger height and reach and Henderson’s style. I guess Jon Jones has more tools, but it doesn’t make impossible for Henderson to win this fight. He proved that because he’s beaten up many tough opponents, many Brazilian fighters, has many titles, like Pride’s, Strikeforce’s and is now fighting for UFC’s. he’s a tough fighter and deserves to be respected, but I guess Jon Jones is better than him technically.

EF: Anderson is fighting Sonnen now is Las Vegas. What are your thoughts about it?

LM: It’s hard to say because Sonnen dominated the first fight, despite Anderson having been more technical and having defeated him with his technique, but it’s hard to fight him. I have no doubts that Anderson has the technical advantage, but it’s a matter of how you are on that day, a matter of preparation, momentum. Maybe Anderson wasn’t on his best day and I believe Anderson will win. We all know it’s a tough fight, he can’t play him out, but in case Anderson imposes his game on the beginning, Sonnen won’t stand a chance.

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Lyoto Machida fights Ryan Bader on the main card of UFC on FOX 4, Aug. 4 in LA.

6/6/12 12:04 AM
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many tough fighters, many brazilians. the cocky-ness of these dudes with there brazilan heritage is something. imagine if bader said he tough, hes beat a bunch of americans. like where theyre from makes a difference. a no talent brazilian is better than a no talent any other area any day
6/6/12 12:13 AM
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he was @ torrance this week,i think his kid took some classes

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