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6/12/12 3:21 PM
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Enter the Unknown Ninja

In the post-apocalyptic world torn apart by war, the city of NY is run by factions of Mafiasocracy and Gangs. To kill or to be killed is the way of life and survival. Some parts of NY are still outside of the ghetto-style lifestyle, hoods of upper-class rich that have private police and pay mafiaso bribes.

One of the filthy rich, owner of conglomerates, owns a pharmetical company, Brozak, that specializes in peformance-enhancing drugs. They can make a skinny 90-pound weakling turn into the incredible Hulk for a fight.. a MMA fight that is. MMA, the most popular sport, is now a gladiator sport where fighters are over-roided, amped up, drugged up, to fight to the death. Many, many people 'dissappear' and turn up as experiments for Brozak, or become a Hulk for MMA Deathsport, where the drug render them as over-muscleated neathanderals, barely recognizable by friends. They fight to the death, but the winner, may not survive due to the extreme nature of Brozac pharmeticals. The fighers are dispensible at entertainment's sake.

Now cut to the underground venue, The Nut Sack Shack, where battles of the bands sometimes turn into battles for the death. The electronic cyber-punk band, Fallen Lustipher, is fronted by a crazy psycho deaf singer, David whose family tradition is seeped with the lost arts of the ninja. He fights like a ninja, and beats up all the other bands in the "Battle of the Bands". He shags all the chicks and teams up with his sex-crazed cat-eared girlfriend he so loves. They both have fun with the girls. Well.. one day, the mafiasocracy heard rumors of the Ninja, so they wanted to put him in MMA Deathsport. They couldn't fight him, for he'd beat the living shit out of them. But so they stalked his cat-eared girlfriend, she put up a good fight, but eventually they were able to kidnap her, not without losing some henchmen. So, they sent David the ninja a note: Come fight in MMA Deathsport or lose the girl.

So, David goes to MMA Deathsport. He refuses the roids, the enhancements, breaking the arms of the crew around him. However, Brozac has a surprise: They built a Labyrinth of Death, filled with traps, death-pits, and genetically altered humans, that are mutated to look like minotaurs, demons, monsters! Its a Labyrinth of Death, and the prize is David's Cat girlfriend!!!


David Cardamone as David, frontman of Fallen Lustipher
Dale Apollo Cook as Evil MMA DeathSport Promotor
Thomas Longacre as Roy, Guitarist in Fallen Lustipher and sidekick
6/12/12 5:00 PM
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Thats a blockbuster if I have ever seen one. Phone Post
6/12/12 10:48 PM
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someone told me it was similar of the "hunger Game" I have no idea I haven't seen that movie yet. Nor would I care to.

I was inspired by Cyber punkish 80s anime and The Running Man, which doesn't have MMA in it.

but my idea was a electronic musician cyber-punk ninjas vs an evil scientist who creates mutants for a conglomerates that runs a mma death sport.

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