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6/20/12 4:39 PM
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Hey all,

About a month ago I was rolling with a new guy in the gym. He was pretty green on the ground so I was just kinda going through the motions letting him work and try stuff. He ended up going for an omaplata but couldn't quite get it. Then while holding my wrist he decided to fall off to the side into an armbar, and before I had a chance to tap my arm made 3-4 loud popping/tearing sounds. He instantly let go, but the damage was done.

I ended up getting an MRI, and its showing a torn UCL. I know that if you're a baseball player and if it's your throwing arm, Torn UCL = Tommy John Surgery = 12 to 18 Months on the Shelf. But I've also been told I could just try and rehab it. So my question is, has anyone here ever torn their UCL doing MMA/BJJ? If so, what option did you choose? Did you get the surgery or did you just rest and do physical therapy?

In terms of pain, I went to the gym Monday for the first time since getting hurt and going 50% on a heavy bag and some very light rolling, I didn't feel too bad (was taped and had a brace on it). I overextended one jab that I felt a bit of a twinge, but that was it. Day to day it doesn't affect me anymore other than a small decrease in my range of motion.

Oh and for reference, I'm southpaw and my right arm was the one that was popped.

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