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7/3/12 11:58 PM
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Tomorrow I have my first yoga class and I was wondering if doing yoga would improve my punches and kicks in karate and/or Muay Thai.
7/5/12 10:08 AM
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Yoga is good cross training to help with overall health...more than general fitness.
It will help give you some overall body flexibility. When practiced properly, it will help you develop a better sense of your breathing. The importance of proper breathing cannot be underestimated as that is what give you energy when the other person is gassing. The question is alwas, are you breathing well when in the middle of sparring..i.e. stress...
If you also do BJJ, yoga helps with the overall kinesthetic sense of your body to do things like escaping, shrimping, sensing where the opponent is to get thim in a submission, etc. also...breathing while in guard or in some other position where breathing is not easy...

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