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7/5/12 12:07 AM
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Zuffa was originally planning to have UFC 148 in Rio de Janeiro but they hit a snag when it turned out that The United Nations had already rented all the hotel rooms, bars and prostitutes for the weekend. Rather than have the event at a different city in Brazil, they took it back to Las Vegas, where they now seem to be having shows as frequently as stand-up comic Rita Rudner or satanic magician Chris Angel. In terms of ticket sales, it was a terrible move as everyone in Brazil has been worked into a bloodthirsty fury by Chael Sonnen’s relentless trash talk, and Zuffa could’ve sold out the biggest soccer stadium in South America had they held their event there but, of course, now they’ll sell a lot more pay-per-views to people named Ricardo, Thaigo and Eduardo. Also, Sonnen can breathe a breath of relaxation; knowing that he won’t be dragged down and kicked to death by a mob of lunatics wearing havaianas.

Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

Sonnen has done a masterful job of creating hype for this fight; having verbally disparaged everyone in Brazil. He got the idea from old pro-wrestling, where they’d have a bad-guy who’d come out and talk all kinds of crap before getting his ass handed to him by a good-guy. The thing is, they don’t have pro-wrestling like this in Brazil because the people there are so hot-blooded they’d never tolerate anyone talking crap about them. This is why guys like Ric Flair and Chris Jericho were never so stupid as to go there and begin insulting Brazilian women and culture to incense a crowd. The fans would swarm the ring and tear them limb-from-limb before the good-guy ever got the chance.

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7/5/12 2:14 AM
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7/5/12 9:12 AM
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thanks wombat I enjoyed reading that!

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