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7/6/12 11:03 PM
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Marcos Avellan
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This is the sequel to my piece that was posted a few days ago about the Boxing Secrets that I smuggled from Cuba.

In the movie, "A Beautiful Mind", the main character, Russell Crowe, is a schizophrenic.  As a result, he sees and imagines things that aren't really happening... and I'm recommending you do the same in your MMA training! 

What?  I must be going crazy too!  :)  Check out my video to understand what I mean by this.

I need to apologize about my foul language!  In this video there is a LOT of cursing.  Why?  Not that it is a good excuse, but this demo was the end of a four day, ten hour a day, instructor training that I was doing for about forty to fifty UFC fighters, black belts, and gym owners from around the world - we even had a team fly in from Australia!

I don't care who you are... after sitting in the same chair for almost 40 hours, you are going to start dozing off... so I dropped some "F" bombs to keep everyone shocked and in attention :)  This particular video was never meant to be shared on the Internet... but I got such great reviews by the fighters and instructors in attendance that I decided to post it up and share it with everyone.

I'll post up Part III in a few days.  Enjoy!

Marcos Avellan



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