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7/13/12 2:57 AM
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I just found out this place existed on Tuesday, today I visited. I CANNOT believe I didn't know about this place!!

I loved it, --BUT I am unusually interested in martial arts. Really, I will read or watch almost anything about martial arts, good, bad or otherwise.

A couple of my past instructors are featured in the exhibit, which was cool. The emphasis is primarily on Southern CA MA teachers & history. Oddly, there is not much at all about Bruce Lee and a lot of art are not represented.

The Museum itself is TINY, just one long room. But the displays are colorful and nice enough.

They also have special events like screenings of MA films. lectures & special exhibits.

It is not a very "Scholarly" place, it's very accessible. It is a great trip if you have kids and want to expose them to martial arts.

Did I mention it is tiny though...? It really is kind of "rinky-dink", but that almost added to the appeal for me.

The "museum president" Michael Matsuda is the sole employee from what I could tell. Super friendly, low-key guy always asking if you have any question,

--BUT-- I also know he is a very legit Monkey Kung Fu Sifu. (He really is, no joke). I know he also wrote a bunch of books about martial arts, some of which I have read and a couple MA magazines.

Anyway, check it out if you are in the area and are a hard-core MA nerd like me. IMO, it might be best to go when they have a special event, like a film:


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