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7/19/12 4:46 PM
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This thread is for those of you who have sequencers like Pro Tools/Cubase/Logic/etc; Amplitube3 sells custom amps, rigs, fx boards for its plug in. You can purchase each amp/stomp box on its own or as a bundle.

Imagine if Amplitube signed a deal with established artists: Metallica/Eric Johnson/Steve Vai. Let's say they offered the following package for Joe Satriani fans.

Five songs from Surfing with the alien, tracked out with individual stems. You would have drums, backing guitars, bass, any extra guitars all tracked out and solo'd with the exception of lead guitar. This allows you to remix it in your sequencer any way that you please.

Amplitube offers custom amps and stomp boxes that are made to emulate the guitars from the album. Amplitube also offers patches that emulate the lead and background guitars of each song from the album.

You are offered with tabs for each song. The entire package is marketed to guitar enthusiasts. This could be done for bands like Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, KISS, etc.

Amplitube signs licensing deals with the bands to offer their backing tracks, and guitar sound emulations. The artists earn fees from each amp/fx/tab/track that is sold to a consumer. The engineers would be doing most of the grunt work by trying to emulate the guitar sound.

I realize that it wouldn't be a perfect emulation of a guitar feed, but I don't think consumers are looking for a 100% replica of the sound; nor should they expect it from an emulator. Would anyone be interested in this?
7/20/12 5:55 AM
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Not sure I just bought Guitar Rig 5 from Native Instruments and haven't even really had a chance to play with it.

I worked at Line 6 for many years and tried their "plug ins" and hated the latency and sounds, so I'm happier with the Guitar Rig stuff.

I recorded with some Pro Tools plug in earlier this week (not sure what, wasn't my studio) but it sounded pretty damn good.

Good luck, I've got more than I can handle and need to learn to catch up with computer recordings, so it doesn't sound like something for me, thanks though!
8/19/12 7:44 AM
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I think anything that slows down the natural process of leaving your heroes behind in order to make your own art is a bad thing. Emulation is a necessary part of the learning process, but we shouldn't be encouraging it. The industry does that enough as is.
8/26/12 3:09 AM
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 interesting post BarkLikeADog

i agree...

but also if i wanna jam out a cover song, i'd like the tone and all at the click of a button... so that i can spend my time composing rather than twiddling knobs.

i've had a line6 pod hd500 for a year now and haven't made a single patch.. too much going on in life.

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