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7/22/12 10:07 PM
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Edited: 07/22/12 10:09 PM
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I bought my wife this new MBA for mother's day. She ended up not really liking it so I gave her $500 and took it for my travel computer. Damn, I must say that I'm impressed. This is about as base model as it gets, the under $1k, i5 based, 2G ram, 64g ssd 11". It boots in well under a minute, reboots in like 20 seconds.

Runs GNS3 like a champ, I haven't stress tested it yet but it's just jogging with 6 routers, a couple ASAs and a VM.

It used to be that you would need a lot of hacking about to get a *nix based laptop ready for prime time. Not so now, it does everything I could ask. Office, outlook, omnigraffle handles visio duties. Has a built in ipsec client compatible with Cisco VPN, anyconnect works great for SSL VPN. Webex, Jabber, Securcrt. USB to serial, USB to ethernet, mini display to HDMI for the hotel. Booyah!

My backpack is so freakin' light right now it's ridiculous. I had an almost 7 lb HP elitebook before, it's staying the fuck home from now on. This thing is PERFECT for the plane. Guy in front had his seat back and it sits just fine on the tray table with no worries about the screen getting crushed.

The downside of course is the screen size compared to normal laptop. You get used to it, but my other 2 laptops have 15" screens and.... yeah, they a lot nicer. But on the road it's hard to bitch about the air. I think that maybe the 13" would be the perfect road tool but it's too late to swap it now.

Anyway, if you're a road warrior you need to check one out. And too be fair the other ultrabook offerings out there as well if you're a win7 type of guy.

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