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8/3/12 10:26 AM
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Been on a family plan for 3 years through Tmobile. Non smartphone. In october the plan is up & I am looking into upgrading ( finally ) to a smartphone ( data plan too ).

At the there would only be two users on the plan for data. Myself & my mom. She would use it for little stuff, some web page browsing, emails, directions & such. Maybe tethering her kindle fire ( if possible ) when on weekend trips.

I would be more on the end of possible streaming some shows when I am out ( think sporting events like a football or baseball game ) Maybe adding some music along with the normal usage.

Now I am seeing that verizon HAS to allow free tethering but Tmobile is back to charging $15 a month for tethering.

Also the plans have changed now with the shared everything and all which imho, looks more expensive then how data plans used to be. What would be the ideal thing for me because I nor my mom has ever used smartphones or data plans so the usage is completely blind to me.

For instance tmobile has their classic unlimited plus, which is 2 smartphones, unlimited text & voice. 2GB data ( HSPA+ ) for EACH phone ( 2gb for me, 2gb for my mom ) no tethering @ $140 a month.

Verizons share everything equiv is the same on text & voice. 4gb of data but shared & free tethering @ $150 a month.

Now what gets tricky is my mom gets a discount through her work for verizon wireless, something like 20% but not sure on the detals. Yet with tmobile and being there almost 3 years, I am sure a discount would be had on new phones ( which is another thing too ).

So what should I do? What plans? Which carriers? Which phones too? As of right now I know the Galaxy s3 is basically the best droid on the market but expensive.

So help

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