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8/14/12 8:55 AM
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Edited: 08/14/12 9:00 AM
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It's tough to get supps where I'm at in the world and wanted a little help getting rid of the beer gut. Recently went back home ('Merica) and picked up some. I'm trying out Cellucor's HD (from amazon) as well as Growth Tech (l-dopa) (vitamin shoppe's brand) A bottle of NoX3000 (arginine). A bottle of CLA and some protein/creatine. <br />I've got an idea of how I'm going to take them but just wondering if there is anything I should look out for or any suggestions. Thanks
8/27/12 2:25 PM
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If your goal is to lose the gut, forget the supplements just workout consistently, eat real food and get good sleep. Cut out sugar, wheat and processed food and train and you will see the fat drop off quickly. Someone on here once said, Abs are made in the kitchen and I firmly believe it. Phone Post

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