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junon - im not religious but would never take joy something like this.

only a piece of shit would.

lol you act like he went on a killing spree. he broke a window and sprayed a fire extinguisher. wtf are you so upset about? this is like grade 5 vandalism type shit.

so we should celebrate instead?

youre acting like a 5th grader.

you don't have to celebrate anything. I never told you to do shit. Do what you want.

But since churches teach nonsense, tell children that they could burn in hell for eternity if they don't do as they're told and teach children to take pleasure in imagining others burn in hell for not believeing in that nonsense - yes, I enjoy any resistance to religion. I dont want anyone harmed but this is a situation where no one was harmed and since the church might be shut down for a few days, it might actually help some people reach the clarity of reality while they are at home.

Every time someone converts to religion, a rational person dies.
You sound very rational. Phone Post

damn straight. take notes son.