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8/27/12 3:39 PM
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Here's info about a new gi I helped design that I thought the UG might like to know about. Super affordable and great quality!

[From http://jmsmith.org/blog/flesh-and-blood]

Hi Dojo readers,

This post is for those of you who train in the martial arts–particularly grappling/Brazilian Jiujitsu–and are looking for an affordable BJJ gi/kimono AND who are fans of Art of the Dojo!

I wanted to let you know about a new company called “Flesh and Blood Fightwear” that my friend and training partner Andrew Spottswood (who is also a police officer here in Charlotte) and his wife Jenni have started in order to provide affordable products for those of us who aren’t rolling in disposable income (pun intended).

Here’s the description of the company:

We founded “Flesh and Blood Fightwear” because I was tired of paying high prices for BJJ and submission grappling gear.  The average “little guy” can’t afford the higher quality Gi’s, or rashguards and board shorts at current prices.  Many companies put these items well outside the price range of the average consumer.   We are the “little guy” too.

What if a company came along that offered the same or better quality Gi’s as the larger companies for much much less.  We are that company.  Whether you’re a pro-fighter, or  a part-time grappler these products will meet your needs.  Check out our quality, feel the comfort, and know that these products will stand up to the daily abuse you will put them through.

We named our company “Flesh and Blood Fightwear” because for many of us everyday is a fight.  It could be physical, emotional or spiritual but we all wrestle with our own demons.

This company stands alone as a symbol of the courage it takes to get up each day, put on our armor, and meet our enemies.  If you never have, read Ephesians 6:12.  This is what our company stands for and this is why we bring these products to you.

- Andrew & Jeni Spottswood

When Andrew approached me about doing the logo for Flesh and Blood, I was excited at the prospect of not only helping a friend get his company up and running, but also getting to be able to provide the overall image, look and feel of the brand itself.
We discussed wanting to incorporate elements of Scripture and theological depth with elements of Brazilian Jiujitsu. The symbol that fits both is, of course, the triangle.
From the earliest days of Brazilian jiujitsu, the triangle has been symbolic of the balance and leverage concepts inherent in the grappling art developed by the famous Gracie family. (It’s also the name of a basic submission technique…which I have gotten caught in FAR too many times over the years!)
The triangle has also been the symbol used by Christian theologians for centuries to symbolize the nature of God’s tri-unity (commonly called the Doctrine of the Trinity), whereupon God exists in three personae–Father, Son and Holy Spirit–yet is One. [For a look at how this can be or how we can attempt to understand it, see THIS article here in the Dojo!]  Often the image of a triangle is superimposed over the image of three overlapping circles to further symbolize the one-in-three-ness of God.
However, the design needed to be something that was simple and not in-your-face in terms of theology. The goal of Flesh and Blood is making QUALITY gear that is affordable rather than being a “Christian” company targeting “Christian grapplers”. One doesn’t have to be a Christian to want a quality gi and believe that the true struggle is mental/spiritual rather than merely physical, after all! So the incorporation of the Scripture inspiration (Ephesians 6:12) was to be somewhat subtle.
With this in mind, I worked with Andrew in coming up with the Flesh and Blood logo and am very happy with how it turned out…

[Pics and review continued HERE]

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