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8/29/12 6:50 PM
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Matt Thornton
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SBGi News, for well adjusted primates

ONLY 48 hours LEFT!

Are you ready to train with 9 SBGi BJJ black belts, work with some of the top MMA coaches on the planet, and enjoy the company of SBGrs from across the globe in what promises to be the most amazing training event SBG has ever hosted?!

In just 3 DAYS, on Sept 1st, the cost for the one of a kind 20th anniversary SBG International Camp increases substantially.

We will NOT be taking any registrations at the door. EVERYONE must pre-pay online. There are no exceptions to this.

Master coaches Thornton, Guiterrez, Kavanagh, Tanswell, T Davison, R Davison, Whittier, Pagle, Frankl, and on and on it goes! Along with some VERY SPECIAL guest Instructors!

Athletes and coaches from all across the USA, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Ireland and all around the planet will be traveling to attend, DO NOT MISS THIS.

Topics covered will include: - guard improvements, kickboxing, wrestling, clinch, weapons defense, sports psychology, nutrition, and all manner of world class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction.

In addition, the next stage in SBG evolution, the brand new SBG Instructor Training Program will be introduced to the entire organizaton.

Register now: http://www.straightblastgym.com/camps.htm

A great quote from SBG_UK black belt Casey Jones

"It doesn't matter how many horus you train, how much you sweat and shout or how many nice motivational pics you have on your wall. If you are training the wrong things you don't stand a chance when it comes to crunch time. Use the time you spend finding pictures with nice slogans to get yourself a decent coach and do what the say, simple."

- Casey Jones

As the philosopher Daniel Dennett says:

Good intentions are not enough, you also have to be right.

A nice piece on what it's all about

From SBG head coach John Kavanagh: http://sbgi-pdx.com/news/2012/08/16/sbg-bjj/

John Kavangh recently shot a short video on what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training means to him, and why we do what we do. If you don’t know John, he was the second person in SBG to recieve his BJJ black belt from SBG founder Matt Thornton. He was the first person to ever recieve a black belt in BJJ in Ireland. He is a multiple medalist, coaches the most succesful Mixed Martial Arts and BJJ Academy in Ireland, and one of the most sought after coaches in all of Europe.

And like all the SBG coaches, he also pretty smart.

In this short clip he discusses the egalitarian nature of BJJ, the two qualities everyone needs to become proficient at BJJ, why you have to fail a lot to succeed, how the journey changes from white to black belt, what the refinement process entails, and finally the meditative state that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can require when it is done well.

As John says in the video, rather than teaching you how to avoid adversity, it teaches you how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. And that, is what it’s all about.

Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6rxgZKj170&feature=youtu.be

Some SBG BJJ coaches making their MMA debut

Within the last two weeks two SBG BJJ coaches made their MMA debut, and had some impressive wins!

First Coach Amanda won her MMA debut conclusively, and in the process demonstrated her impressive composure. Those of your familair with the SBG methodology as it relates to proper Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts training know that composure, being able to relax under pressure and allow your body to execute the core fundamentals of the delivery system, is one of the keys to success. Here is a video of the Coach Amanda Loewen on route to yet another gold medal at Grapplers Quest UFC tournament held last month in Las Vegas, demonstrating this exact trait.

Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWmTz7am_RM&feature=relmfu

This last Saturday, Mundials BJJ World Champion and multiple Pan Am gold medalist Coach Ahmed White made his debut in MMA, winning with an impressive KO in the second round. Superman punch to a big right hand, it's worth the watch.

Enjoy: http://youtu.be/y-Rnw_2R_c8

Gunnar Nelson documentary, 'a calm mind'

Those of you within the SBG family will already know who Gunnar (Gunni) Nelson is. Those of you who follow the UFC, are about to find out.

Gunnar began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu shortly after SBG founder Matt Thornton visted Iceland, Matt being the first BJJ black belt to teach in that Nation. Gunnar recieved his blue and purple belts from Matt, and trained at the Portland academy, as well as the UK and Ireland SBGs. He recieved his brown belt from his current coach, and the second person to ever recieve a BJJ black belt from Matt Thornton, John Kavanagh.

On Sept 29th you’ll see Gunnar step into the cage at the UFC, representing his gym, Mjolnir, the SBG affiliate of Iceland, as well as SBG and the Renzo Gracie academy. In his corner will be his trainer, SBG VP John Kavanagh, and SBG academies all over the world will be anxiously tuning in and hosting UFC parties in order to see Gunnar in action.

It is no secret that Gunni became very good, very quickly. You will often hear his name mention by John Kavanagh, Karl Tanswell, Travis Davison, Matt Thornton and the other SBG coaches, as a prime example of what SBG BJJ is at it’s best. The emphasis on perfectly executed fudamentals, the training philosophy of SBG which is a carry over from Matt’s early days training with Rickson Gracie, is embodied in Gunni. You won’t see a lot of fancy movements or “secret” techniques. What you will see is almost flawless posture, and a calm, dominating game which isn’t dependent on weight class, or whether or not it is gi, no-gi or a Mixed Martial Arts fight. In otherwords, fundamentals.

Anyone who has taken a seminar with Matt Thornton knows that one of the things he emphasizes when it comes to getting good at BJJ is the mindset you bring to it. It isn’t so much what you think, but rather how you think. And ‘how’ athletes like Gunnar Nelson think, is an enormous part of their success.

This short documentary video was shot at another Matt Thornton BJJ black belts academy, Karl Tanswell’s SBG_UK, where Gunni often trains as well. In it you’ll hear Gunni talk about this calm mindset, and if you’re sharp, you’ll be taking notes.

Here is the link: http://youtu.be/GZ0aQGVutAY

Team SBG_UK does it again!

Aaron Wilkinson deomstrates some amazing technical skill and composure in his most recent win. Watch how Aaron literally moves his opponent to Karl's corner during the event. Technical skill, athleticism, and class, Aaron represents the future of SBG.



SBG founder Matt Thornton, on being a life

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