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9/9/12 5:48 PM
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Laval Luc
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Absolutely love this site. Been making so much improvement since I started incorporating it to my daily routine.

Little confused on a few things. My training routing has always basically been

-foam roll
-dynamic warm up
-conditioning (depends on the day)

My dynamic warmup has always consisted of your basic dynamic movements, mobs and stretches...the stretches being held for no more than 5 seconds.

It's always been my understanding that holding stretches longer than this prior to training is wrong, and can even be dangerous.

Maybe I'm getting this wrong, but seems like Kelly is saying the opposite and that it's ok to hold these mobilizations prior to training for a long time, even up to 2 minutes or until change is made.

I'm guessing that I'm getting this wrong and just confusing something here. Phone Post
9/10/12 7:04 AM
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It's not dangerous to do static stretching before training, although it may make a small impact on your max strength for a short period after. Having said that Kelly doesn't say you should do your stretching before exercising but whenever you can fit it in.

Edit: On occasion he does specifically tell you to do some mwods before training, and others he says to avoid doing before training. He makes this clear during the video though.

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