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9/30/12 11:02 PM
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" shattered image"
as i walk the hall i see something at a glance. as i grow closer i can see that it is a mirror and i see my image in it. as the mirror reflects my image i being to reflect on my life. thinking of things past, present and future. I see a boy in the mirror with a mocking smile, I turn to face him but he is not there. I turn back to see a horror that is me, is it, can it be me, have i gone this far. angry i strike the mirror shattering it into a 1000 small shards of glass that is my life. as warm blood flows from my hand and tear from my eyes an angel from God comes into my life. with a soft kiss , she wipes my tears away and removes the sliver of glass from my hand. unlike humpty dumpty, it didn't take all the kings court and all the kings men to put me together again, no all it took was a blessing from MY Lord.

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