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10/2/12 1:22 AM
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Edited: 10/15/12 1:53 AM
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If you are a serious judoka or even a recreational player, hand and finger pain is something you will learn to live with while training. If you play long enough you will train with broken, sprained or aggravated/irritated fingers and joints I spent many years as a serious player and have found this taping technique to be the best to reduce or eliminate the pain you get in your hands. (Helps with your toes too!)<br /><br />EDIT - I used to tape all of my fingers this way, the two last images are just other options, find what is best for you.

10/4/12 6:40 AM
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I couldn't find the image. But what I do is wrap above the knuckle (#2/#3 fingers) about 4 times with 3/8" to 1/2 " width tape and then go below the knuckle in figure eight pattern back above the knuckle and repeat for 3-4 more times in a figure eight pattern.

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