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What if ... >> Rousey: How it feels to have an arm break

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10/2/12 7:59 AM
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"I've had both my elbows disclocated," said Ronda Rousey. "I know exactly what that feels like. It hurts. It just hurts.

"I remember I got arm barred the first time and I remember being like 'well, it's already out, so I might as well try to get out, because it's not going to get even more dislocated' - that was my thought.

"And I tried getting out and it went back in, and then she popped it out again. So it is possible to get even more dislocated.


"But I ended up winning that fight."

"Plus in Judo, I had to fight several more times that day. It was a gnarly day.

"Not everybody has that mentality where they are just like - no. You know what I mean?"

 (4:29 mark)

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