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10/11/12 5:11 PM
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...at home.

I was thinking of trying this out - just to learn how and to save €60 a year (but waste dozens of man hours :-)

I have an old PC knocking around somewhere (with I think has Win Server 2003 on it) and I was thinking of using that. I think it should have enough power.

Am I correct in thinking that I have to install additional software (Internet Information Services?) - this coming part of WinServer 2003, right?

One problem is my ISP gives me (a rarely changing) dynamic IP address but i was thinking of using some think like ZoneEdit.com's Dynamic DNS service (which looks to be free).

I am a total noob at this so I was wondering can i:

1) Use the machine I am running the Webserver on to also host a Mail Server.

2) Can the Webserver machine also act like a server for the rest of the PC's/Devices on my network (performing DHCP etc etc - it has 2 NICs in it and I have a Switch somewhere).

So is what I want to do easy enough to accomplish or would it be a complete pain in the ass?

Thanks for your help..

*Also on OG.

10/20/12 4:51 PM
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If you wanna learn about it it's a good thing... saving money not that good of an idea.

You should be able to install IIS and the smtp server if you want to... check out guides on the internet.

1) Yes

2) Yes, enable DHCP server and create a range on your internal network to serve leases

The web server is easier to do because with the Mail server, they have a lot of anti-spam mechanism that are related to the ip address of the server. If you have a dynamic ip and sending out email to the world, you probably will get blacklisted.

ZoneEdit is good so I would suggest you to use it but you will need to verify if your ISP filters standard ports such as http(80) else you might have to run your web server on a non-standard port.

I would suggest pointing your MX records to google.com and get a free account(you can create up to 10 emails).

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