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4/16/13 4:49 PM
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4/28/13 3:03 PM
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zealot66 - 

I find it beyond comprehension that a person would actually devote themselves to a life of figuring out minutae of church. More than divorce, your hobby horse is the church and 'recreating' the apostles. As I have stated earlier, the church in Jerusalem was an unmitigated disaster and God had to destroy Jerusalem to kick out the christians left and end temple judaism.  

At this point, all we will accomplish is stating our beliefs or lack thereof, not exchanging ideas. The pope isnt the only one pontificating. People with little else in life oftenn cling to their religion in a fashion that exerts control over others and cut themselves off from the world. 

You want to know why we lose the cultural wars in this country and the world over? Because Christians do not seek to engage culture, they run away from it. Where are the great thinkers of the world whom the non christian takes seriously. Where is the art that is respected and brings us into a journey of mans existence with God? Where are the writers who can compare with the greats, even on the NYT bestseller list? 

I don't buy the excuse that the world will always hate us and that they jsut are lost. Its because of douchery by sectarians who have their wife in denim dresses to their kankles, its christian junk that parrots the world and is only a rip off of a good idea by a secularist. 

Why do we have a debate on Gay Marraige ? Why the hell that ? because christians are so pathetic in their ability to engage in the world that they retreat to their cultic activities and withdraw. We can't win the culture war until people like a Ben Carson and others who are the best at their profession are takenn seriously. And my friend, no person with any self esteem would ever engage in your type of theology or church. Likely men with multitude of robot children and subservient door mat wives while the MAN runs the family like a patriarch. Percentage wise, their children and their marraiges do no better than those who have no Christ in their life.

In fact, the church beats the world in divorce by 1 percent by most recent studies. Want to make sure your child rebels, shove a man whose underwear are so tightly bound that his testicles shrink down the throats of his family and they will beat foot it to HELL as fast as someone who doesn't go to church.

This sounds hateful and it isn't meant to be, I'm just telling you how I feel about people on the road that you are on and the views that you hold. Peace.

Seems this was too much of a reality check for this conversation. Its usually the case that right fighters won't delve into the root issues that precede their argument and paradigm. 

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