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10/22/12 12:57 PM
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I want to thank all the referees, table workers, and volunteers that came out to work with us as a team; they know how really proud of them we are.

We prepared as a big team for weeks prior to event.

We suffered the dilemmas of a venue that sent us the wrong dimensions, referees which no showed on us, and other things we might not have considered.

As a team we started Gi on time at 9am. NoGi started on time at 2pm on most mats like advertised and 2:30pm on two of the mats which were lagged due to the drop in the number of referees and that of a drop out of a 12th mat. We still managed to finish at 7pm like advertised (5 hours to Gi and 5 hours to NoGi). There were over 1,250 fights planned on the brackets including not on the list: division playoffs, absolutes, and trip absolutes.

We want to thank everyone who came to compete and laid it on the line. We want to thank all the spectators who came to support the tournament and most importantly their teammates who were on the mats. We also would like to give a huge shout out to: Rohit Seth (Ontario Grappling) who stayed with us all night and morning to fix the disaster of the dimensions, Gregg King who sponsored us from Grappler's Planet and VVV Fight Co. and has been there for a long time backing us up (and was also there all night observing the disaster taking place), Egor Radzik/Redstar Bjj who has sponsored us more than any other show he has been on in the past 18 months and who has entrusted in us the co-promoting of his very first tournament "Redstar BJJ Annual Open" which is tentatively planned for March 23 in Toronto, Joshua O'Connor and Dave Carrol from BJJ Addict who have not missed a event of ours since nearly the beginning, and our friend Matthew Soroka who we have come to terms with in backing all of our shows now in Toronto and Montreal which is especially cool because we will be getting Jits. France involved as well.

There are a lot of things we will be doing differently next time from including more rings, more referees, and barricades; perhaps a reliable venue would help out as well.

Like said, thank you all for helping the 1st Toronto Grappling Grand Prix a huge success; anyone I missed I am so sorry and you know your devotion was not overlooked. We will not settle but continue to make our events better for all the competitors out there who will trust us with their grappling fix.

-David Aguzzi
V.P Grappling Industries

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