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10/30/12 3:25 PM
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Here are the updated weekly and cumulative results through week 8 of the NFL season.

Caleb remains in first place but saw his lead shrink this week. Last week he was six picks ahead of MentalRage who was in second place, but after this week Caleb is five picks ahead of a three way tie for second place. Still a nice lead for Caleb, but we're only half way through the NFL season so there's still plenty of football to be played.

This week's props has to be given to Tommy Gunnz for being the only person to pick the TAM/MIN game correctly.

Weekly Results:
saucylv33: 11
sicko: 10
MentalRage: 9
Mr B Rock: 9
Tommy Gunnz: 9
Caleb: 8
Khun Kao: 8
east: 7

Cumulative Results:
Cumulative results are in the format of Name: #_of_Wins (%_Picked_Correct), and are ordered based on number of games picked right

Caleb: 77, (65.25%)
MentalRage: 72, (61.02%)
saucylv33: 72, (61.02%)
sicko: 72, (61.02%)
Tommy Gunnz: 71, (60.17%)
east: 69, (58.47%)
Khun Kao: 66, (55.93%)
Thage: 34, (60.71%)
Mr B Rock: 18, (66.67%)
Agent_Doakes_Aint_no_Jokes: 16, (50%)
Joe VIP: 16, (50%)
Pretjah: 11, (68.75%)
Granpa: 9, (56.25%)
UGCTT_mofit: 9, (56.25%)
alxholic: 8, (50%)

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