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11/7/12 12:44 PM
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Edited: 11/07/12 12:50 PM
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I use a launcher program that runs .bat files to start my PC games. One game needs Xpadder, a program that remaps the 360 controller to control games with no controller support. In my bat file, I want to launch Xpadder, then launch the game.

Can't seem to get it to work. The issue is that when I run Xpadder from the .bat, Xpadder gives me an "unsupported Windows version" message. In its properties I have compatibility mode checked. It runs fine when I click the icon, but not from the .bat file.

Another way I can start Xpadder is to open (double-click) the associated controller profile I'm using instead. If I simply put that profile file in the bat file like this:

cd "x:\games"
"Mass Effect 3.xpadderprofile"

then Xpadder opens correctly and runs fine. BUT then it never gets past this line to continue to open the game itself. If I use the "start" command in front of the profile in line 2, it doesn't run at all -- just takes me to the x:\games directory and does nothing.

Wtf? I need it to either open that profile or launch Xpadder directly, THEN continue on to the rest of the batch file. I must be overlooking something simple?
11/7/12 1:18 PM
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I gave up and made an Autohotkey script to open the profile (which opens Xpadder), and then put a line to run the AHK script in my .bat file. Works fine but it seems like a rather stupid solution. Can't believe there is no way to do this in the .bat itself.
11/12/12 10:20 AM
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Edited: 11/12/12 10:20 AM
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Did you apply the compatibility mode to the "batch file" you're running?

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