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11/12/12 7:45 PM
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Grappling Industries Toronto: Mundials Edition.
Ryerson University, Kerr Hall Gymnasium.
February 16, 2013.

Registration and Payment closes Wednesday, February 13 at 11:59pm.

Check-Ins, Weigh-Ins, Start Times:
*Competitors competing in Gi, NoGi, or both can check-in and weigh-in Friday night, February 15 from 8pm to 10pm. Saturday morning check-in and weigh-ins are also available for Gi and NoGi competitors.
*Gi competitors can check-in and weigh-in from 7am to 8:45am Saturday morning as the Gi portion of the tournament will start at 9am sharp. Competitors who compete in the Gi weigh-in without their Gi on and if competing in NoGi as well, only need to weigh in once.
*NoGi competitors can check-in and weigh-in Saturday from 11am to 12:45pm as the NoGi portion of the tournament will start at 1:30pm.

Grappling Industries is offering 6 Grand Prize Trips to the 2013 IBJJF Mundials in California!
*White Belt Women Absolute
*Blue Belt+ Women Absolute
*White Belt Male Absolute
*Blue Belt Male Absolue
*Purple Belt Male Absolute
*Brown/Black Belt Male Absolute
2 nights’ hotel, competitor registration, and airfare paid by us!

Kids, Juniors, Adults, and Masters Divisions.
Every competitor gets a free Jits. Magazine!
All our referees are experienced and trained.
2 of Canada’s biggest media outlets, BJJ Addict and Grappler’s Planet, will be covering the event live with pre and post-tournament articles, photos, and interviews.
Sponsors include: Redstar BJJ, Ontario Grappling Alliance, VVV Fight Co, BJJ Addict, Grappler’s Planet, SplitDraw, CKT Sports Inc, SAMA Mats, Jits. Magzine, Show Your Strength, Ace Maverick Media, the Canadian Diabetes Association, Ryerson University.

Grappling Industries Toronto is sanctioned by the Ontario Grappling Alliance.


Grappling Industries is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission-Wrestling tournament. The tournaments follow Round Robin formatting meaning that all adult competitors get 4 fights and all kids competitors 3 fights just for signing up for a division, that means if you compete in both Gi and NoGi you could get 8 plus fights. This allows you to fight so many different people that you have never competed against before, giving you the experience you deserve. The round robin brackets are followed by a playoffs between the top competitors in the bracket just like professional sports do, this allow competitors to fight as much as possible in a professional atmosphere. We believe that everyone who competes at a tournament should get as much experience as possible that day, fighting through the round robin gauntlet changes a person.

All the fights at our events are recorded and uploaded to our website free of charge. This is an invaluable give away from us to our competitors, allowing everyone who competes at Grappling Industries tournaments to be able to go back in time and study their fights. Watch your growth over time, view upcoming grapplers, and watch some of the best fights we have ever put on. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have the footage of their work on the mats.

The Grand Prizes at our tournaments are one of a kind, we include Grand Prize all paid trips to the biggest tournaments in the world going on to allow these winners to fight against the world’s best while making a name for themselves. These all paid Grand Prize trips include airfare, 2 nights’ hotel, and registration to the tournament that the Grand Prize is designated to. Our events also consist as far as prizes; giveaways to every competitor, lots of sponsors giving away prizes to division winners, and beautiful custom made medals. We believe it is important that the prizes we give away at our tournament display our everlasting commitment to building and developing the grappling community.


Grappling Industries aims to be the middlemen between grapplers everywhere. Our purpose is to put on the most organized, awarding, and experiencing round robin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission-Wrestling tournaments in the most professional and evolving manner.

Committed to creating an enabling environment conducive to the development of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission-Wrestling we can develop, encourage, and maximize inclusive grappling opportunities for all competitors to participate in the pursuit of greatness.

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