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11/16/12 12:29 PM
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because gsp is boring as shit?
11/16/12 1:40 PM
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@ Deaf Forever - Right on! Well said ;-)
11/16/12 1:47 PM
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Boring, watered down cards. Condit who? Oh you mean run boy run...
11/16/12 1:48 PM
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12SixElbow - 

1. Ticket Prices

2. The card isn't stellar

3. Oversaturation

2 really good fights... Thats it. I wouldn't pay 600 for that.
11/16/12 5:58 PM
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Motivated Penn
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MattyECB - 
SunnyKO'd my SN - You're posting fucking bullshit, there are tons of exciting fighters in the UFC that can still go far, beyond Nick Diaz, Alistair Overeem and Daniel Cormier.

You're actually saying the OPPOSITE of what's true.

The fucking dumb fans want to see old ass Pride guys get KO'ed for the 100th time against other old ass Pride guys, rather than watch the up and comers, who are super exciting.

This is why you always see people calling guys like Kampmann, Paul Sass, Struve, Gustafsson etc called filler. These guys are NOT filler, these guys are fucking gold, supreme MMA entertainment.

So please, delete your catalogue of old MMA events, and start paying attention to what's going on right now, there are tons of guys who bring it, and are a lot of fun, it's the stupid fans who seem to only want to buy PPV events that are filled with fighters aged 40+.

Watching middle tier or bottom tier fighters rise to the top is fun, but it's not why you shell out 50 or 60 fucking dollars for a ppv

I'm so godamn psyched to see Carmont -- he's from Montreal, GSPs been hyping him and he's looked great outside of the UFC, he's fighting a great gatekeeper litmus-test type fight against Filthy, and I think the fight'll be fun.

...It's still fucking filler

Neither has a name yet, in now way does the fight have rankings implications, and it would be right at home with the other prelims.I'm also psyched to see Sakara-Cote since I want the canuck to have a resurgence, but he's fighting for his job not that differently than Hominick lol

Like as fun as the card'll be, you can tell they're trying to save up drawing power to spread it out, when there's not much fucking difference between the bulk of the main card and the prelims

No, then it is NOT filler. If it's something you really want to see, it cannot be called filler. Nobody who's seen Carmont's last fights can call him boring.

It's impossible for the UFC to pack every event with 20 famous fighters, and also build up new guys. We HAVE to let people debut, and have their first, second, third fights, as unknowns, without people lamenting them as filler.

I think fans who look for the size of the name, rather than the quality of the fights, are shooting themselves in the leg, and unfortunately, they make up the majority of the UFC's audience, which is why 'nobody' saw Kampmann - Sanchez, and everybody saw GSP - Shields. Even though everybody and their grandmothers know GSP and Shields are famous for anything but entertaining fights.

I think we agree on most of this, but where we disagree is.. well let me put it like this.

You could not fucking PAY me, to watch a hollywood action movie. Yet 95% of the audience at those turdfests look at the credits. Wow it's got Jason Statham as the tough guy, Hally Berry as the love interest and fucking Rob Schneider as the comedic side kick, it must be amazing!!! Never mind that the film has no artistic merit, the script is written by a fucking computer algorith, and it has no novel throughts or ideas.

Ok, those 95% are virtually retarded people. But you don't HAVE to be in that group. That's the group that look at the size of names. Unless they see the main card filled with guys aged 40+ who fought in Pride, they cry filler. At no point do they estimate the entertainment value. They find no joy in seeing new guys debut. Guys who have a lot of wind in their sails from kicking ass in Brazil, in Russia, wherever. They ONLY want to see the super established, the champs, the ex champs, and the guys from TUF, and everything else, is filler.
11/16/12 6:06 PM
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After turning my fiancee on to the UFC she is making me order this one. She loves GSP and refers to Condit as the white Enrique Iglesias looking guy. This should lead to some good smack talk lol

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