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11/20/12 8:22 AM
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JustPeed -
RCP - GSP vs Silva really doesn't make sense at the moment.. Phone Post

GSP has a threat in Hendricks. Doesn't need to be dwarfed in.a fight with Silva.

The fans want Silva vs Jones Phone Post
I completely agree!

Bro fist! Phone Post
I agree as well. Phone Post
11/20/12 8:24 AM
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What I find funny is everyone is saying oh GSP will be small, why is Silva fighting the smaller guy, we want Jones/Silva.

Isnt the size different gonna be the same in both fights?

Isnt Jones about 220 on fight night or 225? Wasnt Silva like 198 for the SOnnen fight on fight night?

Doesnt GSP weigh around 190 on fight nights? If he fought Silva he would bulk up a bit, they would probably be closer in weight on fight night than Silva/Jones would be or atleast around teh same.

As for the question I'd pay the same amount to See GSP/Silva as Silva/Jones.

I dont know why everyone is rushing for Silva/Jones, why not do GSP/Silva first which is the bigger fight in the mainstream, let Jones possibly continue to defend his belt one or two more times, build up more of a following, more of a name, more of a legacy and than do that fight early next year.

Do GSP/Silva now while you still can, it would be huge for the sport and then focus on Silva/Jones.
11/20/12 12:09 PM
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Virginio -
EatMyRashGuard - Up to $100.00...the rest of the card could be filled with such entertainment as KJ Noons vs Butterbean for all I care. Just getting the satisfaction of knowing that Andy was going to be HellBowed into oblivion would be awesome...unless Andy won then I wouldn't pay anything.
Why the hate for Silva? Phone Post
Because people hate on supremely talented individuals. Phone Post
Kinda like JBJ? Phone Post

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