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11/18/12 12:34 PM
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When did MMA fans become such spoiled brats - to the point that they boycott and complain about every little thing they do?

What short term memory we have; MMA fans were begging to see GSP vs. Anderson for more than four years and when the UFC finally says it will happen people say that the UFC never puts on the fights they want. Well which one is it? Let us not contradict ourselves; atleast 80 percent of us were dying to see this fight a year and a half ago.

We all know Jon Jones has to fight Chael Sonnen first, that's a given; he is the coach of the TUF - so a JJ vs. Silva fight will inevitably have to wait; why ruin another super fight? UGers are trying to ruin a super fight that seldom happens in this sport. We had no problem with BJ Penn fighting GSP - but Anderson Silva vs. GSP is now a ridiculous match up? No. It is a great match, don't forget - GSP was out for 19 months; he will be back even stronger in his next bout - plus, if this fight happened in May that would give him plenty of time to get ready for it.

I have seen nothing but hateful threads about this amazing match up and it really is disturbing. I understand how great a match up JJ vs. Silva is but, GSP vs. Silva is a great fight too. Why cant we have both, aren't we spoiled enough? The UFC does their best to put on the best fights for the fans but at the end of the day it's a business..The UFC has to put on fights that will have amazing PPV sells. GSP vs. Silva is a fight that can surge the UFC into mainstream yet the hardcores want to shit on them for making it..please stop with all the pessimistic threads.

11/18/12 12:41 PM
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The Overseer
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Good post OP, but I disagree. Phone Post
11/18/12 12:49 PM
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Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman -  Fuck that fight. Dana only wants it for the money, he doesnt care about their legacies Phone Post

No shit, he wants that money.

Only question is this, what is the bigger fight?

WHich does the highest gate, PPV buys and what gets the most media attention?

GSP/Hendricks, SIlva/Weidman, GSP/Silva?

Hendricks and Weidman have a legit shot at beating the champs, if GSP and Silva both lose and your champs are Weidman/Hendricks thats a huge problem for the UFC. I dont see many people paying 60 bucks to see Weidman defend the MW title.

They want to strike while they can, it would be a huge money fight, huge media attention, the UFC needs something like this after the rough year they just had. And no matter what anyone says you know dam well they will be watching that fight if it happens, its the smart business move.
11/18/12 1:10 PM
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Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen still is a laughable, joke fight, involving the most promising young champion in the UFC. No matter how many times Dana shouts at a mic, nothing will change that.

I don't care about Anderson/GSP or Anderson/JJ but it's sad that we had Anderson vs Bonnar (with the save the card on short notice excuse, okay fair enough) and now wasting Bones' time. I mean Vitor was already a hard fight to push even being a former LHW champ and everything... The UFC is clearly just doing whatever they can to save their failed reality show.

However I do have hope Chael pulls out due to "injury" and Dan Henderson steps in (like what happened with Vitor/Wand Brazil TUF).
11/18/12 1:21 PM
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Edited: 11/18/12 2:44 PM
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OP - There are always the contrarians.bashers.negative posters here...but

I dislike that fight immensely.  I LOVE the UFC and I am saying it in the most respectful way possible, I don't like GSP v. Anderson. Again, I am only one person, and either way, I'll watch if indeed does happen.  I just think GSP is being forced into it, that's all.  I am a fan of both fighters and would rather see them fight other people.

11/18/12 2:28 PM
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Dana Stern
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Wow why all the UFC hate? Not everyone has to agree with their every move but I think it's pretty common knowledge that Dana and Lorenzo are true fight fans and try to not only put on great fights but fights us fans want to see. They are also not complete idiots, for example taking the company from obscurity to a possible billion maybe billion plus sports franchise. They do have to make money to run the the company, pay the fighters, staff, insurance, production, so that does influence decision making but it's not like we get screwed as fans. Over the past ten years they have gave us almost every possible match up we could have ever wanted. Fedor vs whomever being the lone blemish. We are spoiled and lucky and I bet we get to see GSP vs Silva and Silva vs Bones. Phone Post

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