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11/19/12 10:55 PM
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Farewell Brock
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UGCTT_I Got Fitched Up -

There are already 5-20 lb weight discrepencies in every division as it is....


The gap between GSP/Andy in the cage would be less than 10 pounds. I can name DOZENS of fights over the last couple years where this happens. Sonnen was 215-218 vs Silva and Andy was 198. The "bigger guy wins" theory is bullshit. Edgar beat Maynard dispite giving up 10-15lbs.

Not according to what gsp says. He claims he fights at around 184 and Silva is around 205 Phone Post
11/19/12 11:19 PM
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irishman84 - Well we just killed our keyboards for nothing then lol. Id like to see the fight but not at a catch. Its stupid unless the result is one guy holding multiple belts. Ive always figured either George would go up and try to take Andys MW title or vice versa. im still not conceding this categorical variable point but its all good. Good luck with the PA program. Im on the same track

Thanks, I actually just got accepted to the BSN program at Sac State, so I'm going to start there and then head to practitioner school. I agree with you on that one too, if they are going to fight, why fight at a catch weight? It doesn't make sense. GSP might as well go up and try to be the first guy to hold two titles at once. If he wins he has GOAT status, and if he loses it was the foregone conclusion.

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