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HammerHead -  This happened to me. It was my second kickboxing bout when I was 16 or so it was in front of my hometown crowd and I was so nervous. All my friends were there and my girlfriend and parents.

I dropped my opponent, and he got up while they were doing the standing 8 count I felt it coming. The ref went to restart, and I couldn't stop it it just came up. I barfed everywhere :( :(

The fight was on YouTube but this was 5 years ago let me try to find it and ill post it lol. Phone Post

How did they end up ruling it? I mean, I assume that you were winning given the KD, and it sounds like your vomiting wasn't caused by your opponent... I'm guessing it was a loss since you were unable to continue, which sucks, but at least you could rightfully say that you were the only man who could defeat you.
Yeah it was declared a loss. The whole situation was shitty. My opponent had backed out last minute, and I ended up fighting a kid I train with everyday. We told each other no hard feelings lets just have fun. Needless to say I got hell at the gym for a long time, didn't help things that I was the youngest guy there. My new nickname for the longest time was "Chuck" as in up-chuck. Phone Post