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TMA UnderGround >> 10hr 5 DVD Pack $99 total, 12 Hr 6 DVD pack $130!

11/20/12 10:07 PM
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Edited: 11/20/12 10:06 PM
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Check out my Packages of Knowledge for just $99 and $130 that is INCLUDING the S+H in the Continental U.S.  

Please go to www.TheCombatSystem.com to purchase with PayPal and support me.  Thanks, I really feel I give tons of knowledge, including not common or outside the box stuff for a great value.  Easy to use menu's.  Thanks, Good Training, Osu!

11/21/12 12:10 AM
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Testimonials I have gotten so far. I have a few other UFC and Bellator guys that should be checking out my DVD's.

Luigi Fioravanti
MCMAP Brown Belt Instructor
BJJ Black Belt under Master Ricardo Liborio
9 time UFC Vet
Pro fight record 23-11
"I definitely like the catch wrestling videos and some of the striking combinations. I think all the stuff you've put together is great. "

UFC's Matt Brown said "I enjoyed the DVD a lot! I'd love to get together and exchange techniques"

Bellator Tourney Champ Daniel Straus said "These vids are awesome. Learn this!"

UFC/IFL vet just signed WSOF Mike C said "Wolfman was a good training partner at MFS, and definitely knows his stuff. Buy this DVD, you will be happy you did! Lot's of unknown submissions and great Anti-cage stuff"

Ryan Bow, 19-9 former #1 Ranked Shooto Fighter, Deep/Shootboxing Vet, NAGA Advanced Grappling Champion "Dan shared a wealth of knowledge at this great seminar, tons of unknown techniques even a long time vet like me could use. You should buy this DVD!"

Lester Griffin (DogBrother, MMA Ref) and another current UFC Fighter (RB) have said "Great stuff on the one's I saw"....so far

Dennis Hallman's made these tweets without me asking him to after he saw it
"Just got done with my midnight seminar with @DanTheWolfman it's always encouraging to learn new techniques after 16yrs in the sport. Thx Dan"
Dennis Hallman ?@DennisHallman
@DanTheWolfman please keep sending the e-seminars, i will try my best to pull off one of the techniques in my fight. Tell Ryan Bow hi!

Dennis L Hallman
Hey man, I am grateful that you are willing to share your knowledge with me. After 16 yrs things get stale and its great to look at techniques from a different point of view. Some of the stuff that seems so minor and even out dated have become seemingly brand new weapons; such as using the can opener to set up elbows, beautiful. Anything I can do to help with your business, I would be glad to do it. Feel free to quote me on any of your products as well. Please keep the e-seminars coming! Also when your DVDs come out I would love to endorse them for you. ........... Its sad but a lot of guys that I have seen teaching seminars these days don't teach or even don't know practical application of what I consider basic techniques. That is why I wanted to get the word out that your e-seminars were of such good quality. I hope to work with you sometime in the future and look forward to the next edition of the Wolfman-fu e-seminar. God Bless, Dennis Hallman

Also, not an endorsement but Lyoto did really like one of the Anti-Cage techniques I showed him and said it was working for him in training before the Bader fight.

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