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Revgear League BJJGround >> how do you teach? (question for everyone who does)

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11/29/12 10:34 PM
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Hargreaves - I have lost comps and won gold in comps as well so I'm not perfect I'm a 2 stripe purple because I stopped bjj to train in MMA for the last couple years...

If I teach anybody I basically tell them to seek out high level people.

If I do teach which is rare I start my warm ups by teaching to parry strikes,dodge,get a reaction from a leg strike/or counter a leg strike by entering a clinch

Royler Gracie said to warm up with clinch basics and entering the clinch against strikes in stead of push ups and other exercises so I really follow that.

teach gracie basics / combatives 100%

most important thing is rolling

if the people are above my level or equal we share knowledge

BJJ for ever and take care my friends
You teach striking in a BJJ class? Phone Post

I know I do...it is a requirement in mythe academy to learn strikes from the standing position and on the ground......why....you don't think strikes belong in BJJ? Where do you think the Gracie's such as Carlson, Renzo, Ralph and other old school Jiu-Jiteiros learned striking from..........remember there was no suck thing as MMA back in the days......it surely was not around when I started BJJ......striking has always been part of BJ especially on the ground

Our academy has MMA and other striking classes for that. I assume if you don't offer those then this would be 1 alternative.
11/30/12 6:01 PM
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im a brown and starting a club soon and plan to run it as follows:

1. warmups consisting of traditional warm ups and bjj specific warmups for 10 minutes. including loosening up your back and some stretching. i just want blood to start flowing.

2. teach a technique/position for 10-15 minutes.

3. specific rolling for 10-15

4. the rest of the time rolling w/ those i pair people up with. looking to have a lot of mat time. i think it's most important, especially if you can have a higher belt(s) on the mat to keep up the level and provide adequate resistance.

not sure how i'll teach flat out beginners. i take it it will be like i was taught. any ideas? what to start with and do?

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