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11/21/12 5:23 PM
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I am looking forward to this fight - it will be good to see what Rio can do when he has a full camp behind him.


On the 15th of December, Mike Rio is set to make his much awaited UFC debut against fellow TUF Live alum John Cofer. In the series the two represented teams Cruz and Faber respectively. Although they were on different teams Mike recalls the time they spent together in the house, “John is a great guy,” Mike started. “We didn’t train together or anything but we talked about techniques and what we would do in certain situations. He’s a great guy,” he explained.


Often fighters will avoid competing against people they consider friends however Mike sees it in a different light “It’s the nature of the game, you have to fight anyone. John and I are friends and I’m looking forward to putting on a hell of a show,” he continued. After his result on TUF, many fans will be pigeon-holing Mike in his abilities inside the cage. For those that have a preconceived notion of what to expect, Mike was confident in how things were going to go. “I am going to show the world what I can do with no distractions,” he explained. “I am not going to get caught up in what it’s like to be in the UFC, I know all about what it’s like, I have been backstage during an event, I have been in the corner for teammates, the big lights and everything aren’t going to phase me,” he explained.


On his experience inside the TUF house Mike was enthusiastic, “It was like a roller-coaster in itself,” he said. “It was so different being in a place that you weren’t comfortable. The mansion when you first go in looks huge but after being in there for so long it becomes the smallest space on earth,” Mike explained.


After becoming injured during his only TUF fight, Mike was one of two fighters who did not get a chance to fight on the shows finale. “Me and Andy (Ogle) talked about that constantly,” Mike explained, “We would talk every day about whether we would get signed or what would happen, we both hoped we would get another shot,” he stated.


Luckily for both Mike and Andy, Dana White was so happy with the show and the calibre of fighters that he signed all the contestants to contracts. Although Mike was injured and there were his own personal doubts about getting a UFC contract, it didn’t stop him from learning as much as he could whilst being inside the house and his injury concerns didn’t ruin the experience at all. “You are there for a reason,” he stated. “If you get injured and end up staying you need to learn from the experience, write stuff down in a notebook, I did it and it helped a lot. If I had my time again I would have written down a lot more, it helped so much and puts you in a good place inside your head because you know you are still learning from the experience,” he explained.


After going through the inaugural live season of the Ultimate Fighter series it would only seem fitting for Mike Rio to make his debut at the finale of the sixteenth series of the show.  Knowing all too well what the other fighters on the card have gone through makes the experience all the better for Mike, “I met a lot of the guys in this series during the tryouts for my season,” Mike said. “I would have fought anywhere Dana told me to,” he laughed. “It’s cool to fight on the finale though,” he continued, “it’s great because the fans in the crowd are not only fans of MMA and UFC but also fans of the TUF series so they will know who I am from the show and know my story already,” Mike said.


With The Ultimate Fighter series’ popping up almost three times a year now in many different countries around the world, Mike had some sound advice for any hopefuls looking to make their big break through the series. “You have to be prepared when you go in there,” Mike started. “Dana White and Joe Silva, they want guys that are ready. You have to be ready to go in there and do everything that you can. I would recommend doing a full camp before you try out because they want guys who are ready to fight,” he continued. “You can never be too prepared and you have to be willing to learn,” Mike said.


When the day came to sign his first bout agreement with the UFC, Mike was elated, “I was signing a piece of paper that was going to change the rest of my life,” he said. “It was like everything I had been working for was right in front of me and all I had to do was put my John Hancock on it.” Both men are talented wrestlers and Mike is conscience of what that will mean in the fight “Maybe the wrestling will cancel itself out and we will stand and bang,” he laughed. “No matter what though, you can expect a hell of a show from us!” he concluded.


After months of hard work, Mike Rio’s career comes full circle in December and he is going to make sure that he leaves his mark on the UFC and show the world exactly why he was given a second chance!

11/27/12 9:22 PM
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TTT - Can't wait to see Rio represent Miami!

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