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11/28/12 12:27 PM
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Joe Maffei
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I spent a day at Gillette stadium yesterday and got the chance to sit in at the chalk talk in the meeting/projector room where everything starts and finishes. I spent some time with the offensive receiving coach. We talked a lot about Wes Welker mainly the slot receiver. I was interested in the integration and the commonality of movement, timing and so fourth within the limits of MA and Football. I got to thumb through Welker's play sheet and his extensive personal notes. Also Isolated video of his skills drills, one on one drills, S & C program, team philosophy and so much more.

I have played ball since Pop Warner right through high school and there has never been a disconnect between MA & FB to me. Even today at my school many of our skills drills come right from the field.

Cross training concepts was a big part of the Pat's philosophy which confirmed my ideas that at times I bring to this forum that from the outside seems unrelated to MA but for the over all progress of the student it is accelerating.
For example the Pat's team use the word ”rehearsal” continuously. Rehearsal is a word generally found in music or theater that in this case is used on the field. Or the use of tennis rackets in their concept of play development. If you ever bring such concepts to the MA's world you would be seen as a weirdo because it's not the norm that everyone else does. These unrelated training methods, unorthodox ideas, innovations and experiments is what's known as concepts JKD, using what ever it takes to enhance progress.

However these professional athletes have a solid foundation of the game and can justify new innovations and ideas that will support the game itself.

I thought I would share some of my findings with you all and remind you that just because the main stream doesn't know or except your ideas, doesn't mean they are not valid or won't be realized and used in the future.

I had a blast yesterday.

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