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11/30/12 7:54 PM
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How should I start? All tips are appreciated Phone Post
12/2/12 6:15 PM
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Find a gym with qualified instructors. You don't want to go to a gym with a sketchy instuctor that has no credentials in what they teach.

Second, try a class/a couple classes out and see how you like the atmosphere there. I really enjoy my gym because everyone there is really friendly, and that is key to finding the perfect gym, so you want to be somewhere where you can feel comfortable and welcome. The last thing you want is to be at a gym where everyone is a wannabe tough guy and everyone refuses to help eachother out.

And last but not least, you need an open mind and patience, espcially if doing something like wrestling and bjj where you can get posistionally and physically dominated. You need to accept you will be the new guy, and most guys there will probably beat you with ease, so you need to just stay patient, and learn as much as you can and just keep coming to the gym, and eventually you'll catch up with them.

Good luck!

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