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11/30/12 10:09 PM
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Anyone else play all the Sly Cooper games? And opinions on the new Sly Cooper game coming out?

Sly Cooper was the game I grew up with, it was my favorite game back in 01 when it was just Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, I loved all of them equally. I thought some things were obviously done better in the other installations, all of them had their goods. I thought Sly 2 had awesome story and environment, also felt the sneakiest of em all. Sly 3 was fun also with all the unique features it introduced (ship battles, costume disguises etc etc). People grew up with Zelda and Mario, I grew up with Sly lol.

Still to this day the Sly games are my favorite of all time even after beating it a million times. Great story suitable for all ages. But its sad to see SuckerPunch isn't going to make the 4th. So far what I've seen Sanzaru Games do with the Fourth Sly Game... I have to say im not overly impressed: I like how they kept the comic cartoon look when Sly explains the situation, and of course they kept the same voice actors. But it looks a lot less stealthy then Sly 2. Looks like a smash and brawl platformer to me instead of that stealth kinda platform, almost looks nothing like the previous games actually. Also I liked Sly the way he looked before. They changed his look quite a bit, I felt that wasn't necessary. I can't judge the fourth one yet but I seriously hope it isn't a crap end to such a great trilogy of games.
12/2/12 3:00 PM
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Chael Sonnen Money
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Loved Sly growing up, but made the move to Xbox, would probably still play today if I had a working playstation. Phone Post

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