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12/2/12 4:33 PM
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We have a packed house that's standing room only to the point that they had to move the merch tables outside to get more people in. Due to this and typical issues, the show started an hour late. Excalibur greets us and we get the show running!

The Young Bucks vs. Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards - The team that we as a crowd have come to call "Hard & Strong" win an amazing opening match with the Bucks doing their usual high flying spots while Roddy and Eddie smack the hell out of them. The finish comes when Roddy picks a Buck up for an over-the-shoulder backbreaker and hits it as Eddie flies down with a double stomp. Great opener.

Drake Younger vs. Sami Callihan - The start of the match was very CZW with slams onto chairs and lots of spots on the outside of the ring. Drake's head gushed blood from a usual scabbed over spot. Then in the latter third of the killfest, a wrestling match starts with plenty of hard slams and vertebreakers. After working on Drake's leg for the last third of the match, Callihan picks up the win via submission with the stretch muffler.

Adam Cole comes out with the PWG title. Steen has been on commentary at this point. Cole gloats at Steen with the belt, telling him to "come and get it." Steen stands and walks toward the ring, teases to come in and then walks off. Cole calls him a coward. Steen then turns back and tells Cole that he was going to spare him, but because of this little stunt he's going to punish Cole. Steen has some pull at PWG so he now makes the World title match a GUERRILLA WARFARE MATCH. Cole's face turns white. Fans chant at Cole "YOU FUCKED UP, YOU FUCKED UP."

PWG Tag Title Match: RockNES Monsters vs. The Super Smash Bros. (c) - A comedy match that turned competitive. My friend next to me remarked that Johnny Goodtime looks like what would happen if Daniel Bryan mated with Brodie Lee. Fun comedy spots at the start then it kicks into gear. There were some sloppy spots and little bits of miscommunication, but overall was fun. At one point, it looked like Uno hurt his shoulder and he favored it the rest of the night. In a desperation spot, Goodtime grabs a pair of scissors, cuts off a sizable chunk of his manly beard and blows the hair into Stupified's face ala Muta's Green Mist. Despite this, the SSB FINISHES them for the pin.

Excalibur walks to the ring and congratulates SSB. With that said, Excalibur states that the SSB have been absent for six months and they owe it to the fans to have another match to make up for the wait. The SSB agree. They will face Hard & Strong later on tonight!

Scorpio Sky vs. Joey Ryan - A fine little match that wasn't crazy but pretty good. It's your standard Joey Ryan match. Sky did the "I'm sorry, I love you" superkick spot but Joey counters it with a superkick of his own. There are odes to past PWG stars with Sky hitting Chris Bosh's Lion Cock and Scott Lost's Big Fat Kill. The match ends with Sky hitting his Ace of Spades cutter for the pin.

Large "THANK YOU, JOEY" chant as Joey grabs the mic. "After ten years, I've been waiting a long time to say this to you guys... go fuck yourselves." He says he was kidding and appreciates the crowd. Joey explains TNA's position and why it won't allow him to be at PWG shows, trying to make them not look like the bad guy. He failed.

Joey said that whatever PWG needed, he'd fulfill. They were doing bi-weekly shows, so they needed a champion who'd be at every show. So he'd do it. They needed a tag wrestler to fill out the division. He'd team with Sky or Scott Lost or whoever. They needed a goof for a comedy match. He'd volunteer. They needed a douchebag sleaze for Candice LaRae to beat up, so he'd do it. He'd do anything for PWG because PWG made him. Joey then said he'd try to make it to every show if he was in town. He also requested a blow job from any ladies in the audience. None volunteered.

"PWG created me. So chant that instead of my name. Oh, and don't worry PWG. When you turn 16, I'll be right back."

Crowd cheers.

"That said, I hope I don't get fired tomorrow and I'm back on the next show."

Excalibur enters, thanks Joey for all he's done, and tells him to "go to Orlando, take all their money, then come back."

Crowd cheers. INTERMISSION.

TJP vs. B-Boy vs. Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack - An awesome four-way battle with mass chaos. The focus was on the feuding Mack and Cage. The melee ends when Mack pins B-Boy with his Chocolate Thunder Driver as TJP tried to get Cage to submit to an STF.

Rich Swann vs. El Generico - Great match that oddly stays grounded and with brutal chops for the first half. The next half is crazy with high spots and slams. The finish comes with Generico hitting an Orange Crush bomb variant for the pin. Both men shake hands after the bout.

The SSB vs. Hard & Strong (non-title) - Another awesome tag match with double stomps on the apron, slams, strikes, and all sorts of shit-kicking. Match ends with Strong hitting his End of Heartache (vertical suplex into double knee backbreaker) and Edward's double stomp two hit combo for the pin, making them #1 contenders.

PWG World Title Match, Guerrilla Warfare Match: Kevin Steen (c) vs. Adam Cole - Steen plays with Cole like a cat pawing at a mouse throughout the outside, chopping Cole and powerbombing him on all four sides of the apron. Then that's when crazy shit happens. Trash can strikes, chairs, and ladders get involved. Brutal looking spots, including a death valley driver from the top rope onto a tower of 8 chairs. And that's when the thumbtacks showed up. In the end, there was one winner. And that winner was...


Cole pinned Steen with a straitjacket German suplex of murder. Cole flees with the belt, not wanting to stick around. Steen gets helped to the back by a few referees as the crowd chants "THANK YOU, STEEN!" and "SHOW OF THE YEAR!"
12/2/12 5:37 PM
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sounds like another good show from PWG. Then again, there is rarely a bad show from PWG.

Ordered a couple PWG events while Black Friday shopping. Can't wait for them to get here.
12/2/12 6:02 PM
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Wow, Cole gets the strap? Interesting turn there, he's had one hell of a 2012. Got my new PWG DVDS yesterday, probably going to watch BoLA tonight
12/2/12 8:46 PM
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I got BOLA 2012 Night 2 as one of the dvd's I ordered on Black Friday.

Will be hard to top 2011. That show had 4 matches that were 4 stars IMO.

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