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12/6/12 9:15 AM
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If everyone trains at 60% intensity

This means all these stacked cards remain stacked without being decimated by injuries but there will be some compromises:
- all weight classes from 155 and under go up by 15 pounds, everything else by 20 pounds
- 3 minute rounds now in effect with one championship round....this eliminates 2 minutes of lay and pray and grapple/stalling against the fence per round so it's a win win
- everything is more technical now and we can enjoy the technique much more because everything is slower, replays are done in real time and the footage is sped up for fight promos
- no more steroids......what's the point now?
- finally and best of all there will be no more "what if" Prime Fedor and motivated
BJ Penn vs. .....? conversations because no one is in their prime anymore

Mike Dolce is out of work
Weigh ins are less exciting
No more events in Colorado Phone Post

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