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12/10/12 10:55 AM
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Moke - 
I don't care if BJ went up and fought bigger people. He also didn't get himself in proper shape half the time, choosing to believe he was just better than them and paying for it.

That's what I mean by reality.


Perception doesn't equal reality. The reality is, BJ radically changed his fight strategy leading up to this fight. A strategy people here and everywhere had been begging him to adopt for years. I too agreed with this new strategy, but it turns out that for Rory in particular, it was possibly the wrong strategy. Either way, it's why you saw Penn not getting off or taking advantage in the striking like you'd normally expect.

What you saw was BJ taking a beating and so your perception is that he must suck now. Again, that's only a perception from where you sit.


BJ looked the same as he always does. He tells you he did this and that but you see the same BJ Penn gassing out by the end of round one, very common.

His corner tells you it all 'just scrap' - really? that is NOT an overhaul in training at all. It's the same old game, it's reality.
12/10/12 12:19 PM
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Ryan Black - 
funwithbakedgoods - "BJ is still top ten p4p"

-delusional fans
Serious question:

If you consider "Pound-For-Pound" to be fighters who've taken fights with clearly larger men; where they are at a clear and distinct weight, strength, height, reach, power, and general size-disadvatage, then... how couldn't you place a two-different-division UFC Champion (one of two,) still active in fighting top 5 guys in a weightclass above his- during a period of time in the sport where that is almost unheard of- in the top ten?

BJ Penn has the heart of a warrior; regardless of his record I truly believe this is what he'll go down for. Just like Liddell; whom I believe will go down for his highlight reel wars & KO victories based on Chuck's dominance alone- rather than the dismal-ending to his career.

I will always be a BJ Penn fan- just like I'll always be a Vitor fan. Vitor is a warrior, a legendary MMA fighter and a great man; BJ has a heart of legend, and the warrior spirit of those which we consider to be the all-time-greats. He is also someone who seems very, very cool in person & to be a great family man.

He also whooped-asses on a nightly basis in the beginning pivotal-age of the UFC's developmental stages. I have a lot of respect for a guy who has done what this man has accomplished and still fights the best to this day.

The entertainment BJ Penn has provided me with could fill a three-disc blu-ray boxed set that I pray to the MMA Gods that the higher-ups at Zuffa see money in producing.

Until then, with the way I interpret the controversial definition of "pound-for-pound," he will remain in that discussion for years to come. Not as "number one," but as a guy who made no bones about making it known that he wanted to achieve greatness fighting the best and would fight any one of the best at any time at seemingly any weightclass. I make no bones about Rory's dominance and my respect for him as a fighter, but I'm simply not a fan of the guy, personally. I will always be a fan of "The Prodigy" BJ Penn. And you can call it delusional... that's just me being passionate, I guess. :) Phone Post



One of those post you vote up because it's such a well put post.



On a side note, has anyone commented on the thread title?   I would like to get a bj at a press conference.

12/10/12 12:52 PM
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I love these, "Chuck's got that look in his eye's" type threads. As always, they don't turn out too well!
12/10/12 7:12 PM
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Moke - lol, talk about spin.

Yes, fighting guys like GSP, Rory, and Machida is so much easier than dieting.

And even if you say yes, why would he demand the toughest guys in every weight class as opposed to a careful selection process insuring wins? Because what I said is true.

Yes, in BJ's mind,  fighting any of them for 15 or 25 minutes is FAR easier (and preferable to him) than having to train hard for two solid months 6-8 hours a day and eating rabbit food to stay at 155.

As for why he would "demand" the toughest guys, when you're a demi-god, nothing less will do. Or, he has delusions of grandeur.

12/10/12 7:50 PM
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Roryfappedonmyface -  Checking in. Phone Post

VTFU for owning up with the awesome name change.

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