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12/7/12 12:26 PM
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Bry Bry
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ill first say that the Fight night boxing games to me are not enjoyable..same goes for the UFC games..having real fighters is cool but the actual gameplay is not fun, too stiff for me...i really miss games like Ready2Rumble boxing that was on the sega dreamcast..anyone here play it??it had over the top boxers and each had special moves...it didnt have tyson or Ali but it didnt matter because the game was FUN..do they even make games like this anymore??

they should make a game where you can create your own boxer, give them different styles and moves, give them each 2 specials...you would have to work your way up thru the ranks to boost your boxers abilities up...the game would of course come with its own roster of fighters...just bring back the 'Punch out' quality of boxing, where it isnt too serious...would a game like this not sell or what??most people love the idea of grinding to level up...instead of rpg it would be a boxing or fighting game..
12/7/12 3:29 PM
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Fight night champion is awesome much better then the previous fight nights Phone Post

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