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12/9/12 6:23 PM
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WoodenPupa - "Rory's striking looked great and showed many diff tools - the jab, that Brazilian type kick (going upwards then downwards?), great combos, elbows, etc. He looks huge at WW, probably as big as any WW out there. But again, BJ is still a LW so not sure what this means for Rory."

Sometimes size matters in striking and sometimes not. We saw both types in this fight. Rory continually pressed BJ against the fence and then scored shots off the separation. BJ didn't do himself any favors by hanging out there though. By refusing to scoot back to the middle of the octagon when he had the chance, BJ allowed Rory to tee off at will because he got the range he wanted for his kick/punch combos.

On the other hand, Rory did well when they squared off in the center as well. His success there had nothing to do with size, at least in terms of weight. He used his reach advantage very well.

But as with Jones, and the people who cry about his wingspan, a fighter still needs to land the shots he's throwing, reach advantage or not. Rory timed BJ really well in the center.

BJ however, when he did have success, achieved it in out in the open. He landed a few shots, but they weren't combos or particularly clean that often. Nonetheless, I think his corner should have told him to stay the hell off the fence---if they did tell him this, I missed it.

Bottom line: the win means that Rory is unquestionably a consistent fighter against good competition, a minimum requirement for champions. Going into the fight we didn't know how BJ would look. We didn't know how well his corner would function, and we didn't know what level his cardio would be at. Good corner + cardio = dangerous BJ even at 170.

Lots of people expected BJ to look better than this, and even win, which is why the bout had buzz. Rory should have finished him though, so, that's a demerit.

It seems Rory has a propensity to make bouts personal, and that, combined with letting off his offense in order to enjoy his handiwork, could work against him in the future. Doing that against Condit, if they fight again, could get him smoked---again.

So this fight showed that he's a consistent top performer, but highlighted his weakness as well.

Good post, man.

It was a good showcase for Rory's skills but i cant see how size wasnt a huge factor from top to bottom in this = just look at the size difference between the 2.

Im sure Rory will continue to get bettter, he's been brought up at the right pace and has guys like Firas and GSP at his side but just not sure how much this showing means vs BJ.
12/9/12 11:05 PM
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The same thing was said about Bernard Hopkins when he beat De La Hoya. He was way bigger, and that's what beat Oscar. But the fight was all about skill. Hopkins just outclassed Oscar.

I say if BJ stays off the fence he makes a better showing. It's just conjecture though. Rory DID hurt BJ in the center of the octagon too, but against the fence he did tons of damage while BJ just covered up, a la Tito, and became a practice dummy.

Against the fence is where the size factor came out in full force. In the center, or at least several feet from the cage perimeter, BJ landed shots and made it competitive IMO.

I favored Rory coming into the fight but mostly because of 1) youth and 2) BJ's questionable training camps (where we direct the yes-men issue).

BJ has fought above his weight class many times and, while not winning most of the time, looked much better than he did against Rory.

The mileage issue is starting to matter a great deal at this point too.

Bottom line, I don't think Rory's size won him the fight. He times his aggression very well, uses his reach and stays cool.

The manner in which Rory won, and the fact that he had BJ all but finished indicate a lot to me.
12/9/12 11:13 PM
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SHOGUN250 - 
Wasa-B - 
SHOGUN250 - It means he is indeed at the top of the WW food chain.

#5, to be exact

A win over BJ at WW bumps Rory to #5?


looks about right

Yeah I think anywhere from 5-7 is where Rory ranks.

Condit makes the most sense but I want to see him vs a top wrestler like Kos, Fitch, even someone like Jake E would be interesting.

12/10/12 12:21 AM
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Anybody ranked high not named gsp Phone Post

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