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12/9/12 11:54 PM
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BJ in a fight has a ton of heart. But what he doesn't seem to have is a heart for training anymore. And that has shown ever since the second Edgar fight. He has gassed in every fight since that short of an early first round KO of Hughes.

12/10/12 5:18 AM
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pj_benn - 
HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe - I'm a huge B.J fan, that said. I have no desire to watch him compete again, at any weight. B.J has all the skill in the world and no heart. When things aren't going his way, he quits fighting and just stands there, as a fan it is extremely frustrating to watch. There is no doubt in my mind that if B.J. had even half the heart of shogun, he would be the greatest ever.
You're not a bj fan. Bj has tons of heart and there's plenty of examples of it in his last 2 fights alone Phone Post

Fuck you, don't tell me who I'm a fan of. I was rooting for B.J back when you were still beating off to John Cena. You obviously don't known the difference between toughness and heart.

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