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DamonMMAWeekly - Gina is done with MMA forever.

She's dating Superman now and in the running to play Wonder Woman in the new Justice League franchise plus she's already starring in the new Fast Six movie.

In other words, start promoting Rousey vs. Tate 2 cause Gina ain't getting near an MMA gym much less the Octagon.

I hear what you are saying but money talks.

Lesner got what 1m to fight?

Gina makes what 500k-1m per movie at most ?

If she was offered 3m for a fight I think she would take it.

Not really since she's not hurting for money and it would most likely prevent her to work for a while.

She should only do it for 10 millions+ but Dana wouldn't pay her to beat up his champ and leave lol. That's why that's not even an option for Zuffa.

Ronda is promoted like Kimbo except Kimbo was more technical and faced tougher competition, will end the same way with an hilarious post fight meldown by Dana.
You're totally right; Ronda was an Olympian, but backyard-brawling sensation Kimbo Slice is obviously the more technical fighter.

Good call. Phone Post