john_d1974 - 
escudo - I know there are more than a few people on this forum who train so it stands to reason that quite a few of had some messed up stuff happen at the gym, shitty training partners or generally dumb shit that you were involved with or saw go down.

Mine was I was rolling with the instructor at a local gym went to pass from guard to side control and got 2 toes caought in the puzzle mat and disclocated the shit out of both of them. It looked like if you cross your fingers. I SAID WAIT I think I just dislocated my toes. Instructor says "so, finish the round" I did. After we finished rolling I had a very large cop who trained there pop them back into place. Had to drive home 30 miles with a swollen foot. I have never been so pissed off at a manual transmission.

while reading a forum i read a thread where the OP was speaking bullshit.

What bullshit?