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12/13/12 5:22 PM
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JeffersonDArcyChoke -  My wife brought up Benson Henderson once.

In bed.

Talking about his legs "like a horse".

I don't know if I should be pissed at that or the fact it made me cum faster.

Guess I should be happy to have a cool wife who likes fights. Phone Post

I think you may have some latent homosexual tendencies, lol.
12/13/12 10:19 PM
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Sub Phone Post
12/17/12 11:10 PM
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fat referee - 
UGSlapshot -  One of my kids got picked on in school so after talking to the principal three times about it and nothing being done I brought them to sakura and signed them up for a year of Kickboxing, self defense and judo.

About four months into training keyestin was walking by some kids at school and two girls had a mentally disabled child pinned against the wall and they were kicking him wile other kids watched, she said he started crying.

She told the girls to leave him alone three times but they kept kicking the boy and he fell down.

She moved in-between the boy and the two girls and told them to stop again and one of the girls kicked her..

She just kicked the girl in the stomach and when she doubled over keyrstin asked the other girl if she wanted to get punched in the face and that ended that.

Here's the kicker, she got suspended because according to the school she should have went and found a teacher.

We went to ihop and rented movies for the day she was suspended and I've never been so proud of her. Phone Post


america sucks

voted up for the badass story. 

Yeah, awesome story. Get your daughter an automatic green name.

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