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12/13/12 12:46 PM
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First time ever, I had a ST stop me (equipment problem). I'm in Va, a 'no need to inform' firearm CHL state.

I'm sitting in the car and he tells me the problem and then says 'are you carrying your WEAPON?'. (LOL).

I say 'yes', but in reality his JOB requires ONLY that he ask to see my permit, which he doesn't even want to see.

He says 'where is it?' Again, beyond his scope, but I tell him. 

He says 'well just don't go for your gun'. I'm like WTF???? 

Then he wants to take my holster back to his car, then changes his mind and wants me to step out of the car, then he changes his mind again and says

"I'm just going to reach in your holster and take the gun"

I said (calmly) "I'd rather you not, because a firearm is safest when it's not being handled".

He says 'OK, uh, how about if I take it back to my car'. I'm like WTF??

I say "I'd rather you not".

He says "OK, how about you put it on the roof of your car?" I say FINE, again calmly.

He then says he's going to go back to his car and write me the ticket, but then he is not happy WHERE it is on the car and says 'How about I put it on the middle back of the car?'

I say 'no problem'. 

Then he says 'can you walk with me to my car'. I say "I'd rather not, I mean we're talking a no-points equipment ticket (expired sticker). 

THIS MORON is acting like I'm some kind of tatted up axe-murderer. So he says 'ok, just sit in your car'.

So I sit in my car he writes me the ticket and about 3 minutes later gives me my holster and license and the ticket and he says "OK for my safety don't take your gun out until I've driven away".

What a noob! I feel like calling up his captain and telling him 'hey this guy is nice but he's an IDIOT who just can't make up his mind'.

1. I could have had a backup gun. He did not ask me if I had any other weapons in the car.

2. I told him my gun was in my holster (which, being covered, you can't tell if there's a gun in there or what), but I could have had the gun on my hip under my jacket.

3. My partner was in the car and she could have been armed - she has a permit.

I'd like to know just what this guy's training was because he utterly failed to assure himself of ANYTHING remotely connected to proper procedure or any kind of actual safety. He should have just said 'fine' and written my ticket and said NONE of this nonsense. 

I felt like saying 'Sir, you have NOTHING to FEAR from a retired guy with a PERMIT'. I hope he never stops and ACTUAL CRIMINAL.



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